Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Video challenge


Here is our last challenge as a team!

This time, MariaLauraSaraTeresaGuillermo and me had to create a video challenge for our students.

If you can remember these past post have been all related to the topic of ANIMALS, we have created an infographic, a collaborative slideshow, and now we had to create a video challenge.

First we had to plan our video, and to do that we have used Storyboard That, a tool that helps you create a comic. In this comic there is a brief explanation of the different scenes of our video challenge, it is a really easy tool to use and very fun too, for students, and teachers! here is our Storyboard:

Here is the link for you too:

After that we had to create our video, and in order to do that we used Sony Vegas Pro, a great tool that gave us the opportunity to create, design, modify any video to make it more attractive. You can customize any feature and detail related to the video. The main disadvantage could be that it is not a free online tool, but the results are just fantastic, but our partner Guillermo had an account so we didn't had problems using it.
Here you can see our great video challenge:

Furthermore, we published this entry on the ESL Times blog, so we inmidiately became reporters and received an award!

Thanks for reading!

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