Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Creating a collaborative slideshow that supports learners

Hello again bloggers!!

Here we are again with a new challenge: Creating a collaborative slideshow that supports our learners.

As you know, we are working in teams, so my peers SaraTeresa, LauraMariaGuillermo and me. decided to create a slideshow about How to use Aurasma with Google Slides. We agree on using this toll because it is very similar to Power point, so it was easy and quick to use.

With this tool you can create slideshows easily, adding pictures, videos or animations to make them more engaging.
The aim of this presentation was to help our learners to understand how to use the app Aurasma, we added video tutorials, as well as step by step instructions to make it easier to understand.

I am really happy to tell you that our slideshow is going to be part of a collaborative project called Aportics, and for our collaboration the gave us and award too! :)

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