Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our live Chocotalk!


I am really excited to talk to you about a live event that my peers carried out last Thursday.
As I told you in my last post I had to do an E-project, and I decided to do it about animals, after doing the project, I got together with some classmates that had chosen the same topic as me.

Now we had to work in teams and do several tasks, one if them was to do a live chocotalk. We assigned different roles for the members of the team, Guillermo is our speaker, Teresa and Sara are our community managers, and Laura, María and I are the content curators. Our role consisted on keeping record of how the Chocotalk was going.

Here you can see the work our community managers did during the live event. To show you their work I used a tool called Storify, it is an online tool really easy to use where you can "make the web tell a story".

And now I am going to tell you about the main ideas treated in our live event.

-          Date: 7th of April 2016.
-          Time: 19:00h Spanish time.
-          Moderator: Laura Gonzalez
-          Topics: 1. Advantages and disadvantages of CLIL.
              2. Social and emotional benefits of CLIL.
              3. ICT in the classroom.
              4. E-projects.
-          19:00h Chocotalk starts: Each speaker presents himself and his team members.
1.       Topic 1: Advantages and disadvantages of CLIL.
·         Main advantage: Crosscurricular link gives better results in students learning process.
·         Neus: Children work grammar in a more practical way.
·         Rubén: CLIL is difficult to carry out in High schools because there is one teacher per subject.
·         Celia & Guillermo: If everyone works together CLIL can be carried out in High schools too.
·         Álvaro: ICTs helps with communication and collaborative work, what can help implement CLIL in high schools.
·         Patricia & Rubén: Agree that ICTs is the best way to work with CLIL in High schools.
·         Guillermo: Talks about CLIL drawbacks; some experts say that working in a different language may damage the level of the children’s mother tongue.
·         Inma: there might be difficulties at the beginning when children are learning, but with the teacher’s support, children will be fine.
2.       Topic 2: Social and emotional benefits of CLIL.
·         Krashen’s theory.
·         Take into account children’s needs, interests, age, attitude, and motivation.
·         Not only children should be motivated when learning, also teachers should be motivated when teaching.
·         We are living in a digital society what means that technology is catching our students’ attention and we need to use that in our advantage in the class.
·         According to Krashen’s theory children must be exposed to 0 anxiety; Guillermo thinks that it’s good that children feel a little anxiety when performing in the class.
·         Emotions are really important in children’s development that is why they should be involved through all the activities children do.
3.       Topic 3: ICT in the classroom.
·         Álvaro: ICTs are important for children and also for teachers. The important thing it is the activity itself, and the final result, not the tool our students are going to use.
·         Neus: Tools are also important. As teachers we need to know what our students can use to do what we ask them to do. We need to select the best tool to meet our children’s needs.
·         Celia: As teacher we need to adapt the methodology we use to our students, for example using videogames to teach them some contents might have benefits in the class.
·         Patricia: ICTs also help teachers when selecting materials. Teachers don’t always have time to select the best materials for their students, but with ICTs teachers can communicate with other teachers making this selection easier for them.
·         Inma: answers to a twitter question. ICTs are not time consuming as people think; it is the opposite, children can work at their own path and the teacher has time to work with slow learners.
4.       E-projects.
·         Each team presented its project.
·         All of the projects are based on CLIL and all work with ICTs.
·         Inma encourages teachers to implement CLIL in their classrooms.
·         Guillermo promotes his blog.

Here is my award for collaborating in this live Chocotalk:

And finally here is the link to the chocotalk if you want to watch it!!

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