Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My CLIL E-project

After evaluating someone's eproject, now it was my turn, I had to make my own eproject!! 
My first choice was to do an eproject about the plants, but I couldn't go through with it because I didn't really like my final result, so I changed it and I did one about THE ANIMALS! Here is the link where you can see my prototype: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ocifXINKVZ0sHZod7jCt7B6Wd4fhCLJvzS2Ihdl7V_0/edit?usp=sharing
In this document is where I explain my project, the learning outcomes, the vocasbulary children will need to learn, and also the tasks they will do. 
It is intended for 3rd Grade, and all the activities are related with ICT. Children will use some online tools to carry out the activities they are asked to do in the project. It was hard for me to decide what tools could I use with the students, because they are quite young, but explaining to them how the toll works and showing them examples of what they need to do they will get it quite fast.
When I finished my prototype, I had to make a video, or animation clip in this case, where I had to show my project and try to engage other teachers on doing it with me.
The tool I decided to use to create my animation clip is called Powtoon. It is my first time using it, so at the beginnign it was quite hard to understand how it worked. But at the end I was able to figure out how to create and awesome and engaging clip!! With this toll it is not just about making a video, you can add music, your voice, pictures, or gifts; it is really fun and engaging!!
Here is the link where you can see my clip: https://www.powtoon.com/online-presentation/gomD7TWRurc/?mode=movie#/
Hope you like it!
Marina :)

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