Thursday, May 5, 2016

Final Mission


As you may guess by the title of this post this journey has come to an end, and I have to admit I feel a little bit happy about it, because this has been crazy!!

For this final mission I had to create a presentation showing some of the tasks that we have done and talking about what each topic has given us. For this presentation I have used Capzels. This tool gives you the chance to create a timeline with the pictures you like and you can add audio too. It is really easy to use, and I think that for a subject like history can be really engaging for students.

Here is my Capzels presentation:

As you have seen in the presentation, my favorite tool is Aurasma. I have never had the chance of working with this tool, in fact in this class was the first time that I heard of it.

At the beginning it was hard to figure out how it worked, but once I got it, it was amazing!! It is a really usefull tool for students and also for teachers, because you can use it to teach any topic in a really fun way.

This final task helped me realize the importance of ICTs in the class and through this journey I have learnt a lot and it helped me to improve my ICT skills what, nowadays, it's really important because our students know a lot about it and we should be able to keep up to date with them; for that I want to thank my teacher Mª Jesús.

So this is all friends, thank you for sharing this crazy journey with me!

Marina :)