Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let's talk about pinterest!


Today I am going to talk about Pinterest.
Pinterest is a social network where you can find creative ideas for school, to decorate your house or whatever you want :)
This tool allows you to share your ideas and also look at what others have shared.

Here are some links that I think will be interesting for you:

1. "The science penguin": This blog gives you ten ideas to teach science vocabulary. When teaching Sciences, one of my worries is the vocabulary children need to learn about the topic. Here you can find different ways to teach the vocabulary, in differents ways that children will enjoy.

2. "Eating the parts of the plants": sometimes worksheets (fichas) can be fun!! Here is a fun and delicious way to teach your students the parts of the plantsand at the same time you can encourage them to eat healthier!

3. "World map": here are some easy and fun activities to work with the continents.

4. "CLIL Geography lesson plan": I found this blog where it explains a cool geography lesson to work with 6th Graders, but can be adapted to younger students.

5. "Food pyramid": in this web page there are different activities to work the food pyramid with the students.

6. "Number line secret code": this math activity is really fun for students. They will have to discover the secret message by doing math operations.

I have started to create my own board too, where I will be posting more CLIL activities that might be helpful for you, here it is:

And finally, you can have a look at the board that me and my peers are creating with all the different ideas we have found!



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