Monday, February 22, 2016

Learning by twittering

Hello everyone!

Let's talk about Twitter! Well, Twitter is a social network where you can write your thoughts, or share your opinion in 140 words; these messages are called tweets.

I used to have a Twitter account just to be informed about what happenned around the world, and now I've discover that you can learn a lot from it!

There so many accounts that give a lot of information about different educational topics. You can be updated with the last educational methodologies, how to create activities for your lessons, and also you can share what you know about education.

With Twitter I am learning a lot of things about CLIL, an educational approach that I just started to know and it's great! Here is the link to my first tweet about CLIL:

Here is my twitter account @GoizuetaMarina, you can follow me to read what I share!

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