Monday, February 22, 2016

My PLE and PLN

Here is my first struggle with ICTs. We had to do a mind map showing our PLE (personal learning environment) and our PLN (personal learning network) about CLIL.
I started to hear about CLIL when I began the master in Bilingual Education for Primary Schools in th Rey Juan Carlos University in Vicálvaro. During my time at Complutense University, while getting my degree as a Pre-primary teacher, I’ve never heard or talk about this approach.
The main idea I’ve got from this approach is that a teacher uses the second language as a means to transmit content; well, students and teachers use English in a meaningful way, so the children learn the language by using it in real situations, when they are learning it.
I just know a little bit about this educational approach, and I think it’s great. The only problem I see is that it’s kind of difficult to work with this approach in the schools nowadays. Maybe I am wrong about what I’ve just said because I didn’t had the chance to use it in a class, but from my little experience about what I’ve seen during my practicum it’s really hard to do.

To do the diagram of my CLIL learning I’ve used Novamind, and here came the big problem. At first I had problems while doing it using this tool, and I thought about giving up because I couldn't figure out how to use this tool and was starting to get mad, but at the end one of my peers tought me how to use, and when I figured it out it became really easy to do the mind map. So here is the link where you can see it:

Have a look at the full mindmap in this link:

  Here is an explanation of the different tolls that appear in my mind map: 
To organize information:
·         Dropbox: I use this tool to keep information and share it.
·         Google Drive: it has the same main function as Dropbox that is to keep information, buand also it allows sharing a project with a group of people and being able to modify it in real time.
To share and communicate:
·         Twitter, Facebook and Blogger: I often use them to share information and thoughts about CLIL, and I also have the chance to see the opinions and ideas of other people as well.
·         Gmail: I use it to share my projects, tasks, lessons… and communicate with other people.
·         WhatsApp and Skype: they are very useful to communicate immediately.
·         URJC: the class forum allows sharing projects or tasks about CLIL with our classmates.
To look for information:
·         Google Chrome: both of them are useful to find information about CLIL, to solve doubts related with that, to search pictures or resources linked with it…
·         Pinterest: I use this tool to look for information and ideas for CLIL lessons.
To create new things:
·         StoryJumper: it’s an easy tool to create stories anything everything.
·         Paint: it’s the most common tool used to create simple pictures
·         Movie Maker: to create videos.
·         Microsoft Office: I use it to create the activities or lessons with CLIL methodology.
·         NovaMind: I started using it for this assignment, and I’ve discover it was very helpful.
·         Picassa: I use this tool to create collages that can be useful in some CLIL lessons.

My PLN is connected to my PLE as you can see in my mind map.

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  1. Very good job Marina! I understand your PLE and PLN about CLIL perfectly! perfectly! You're an expert in ICT!