Sunday, February 28, 2016

Creative Common Licence

Hello everyone!

Here you can read all about the creative common licence I use in my blog, the logo is at the footpage and in tyhe link below you can see more details about what this licence allows you to do.

What does your licence allow others to do with your CLIL e-materials?

My licence is called “Attribution-NonComercial-ShareAlike4.0International”. With this type of licence, people can share my work and mosify it but always giving attribution to my work. Although people can shareit, they cannot use it for commercial purposes. As I have said at the beginning, people may modify my work but htey must distribute their contributions under the same licence as the original.

What are goog ways to motivate our students to use Creative Commons material and attribute properly?

As a teacher you should be able to share different resources and materials to contrast and compare different ideas about different ways of teacheng. With this, different teachers will be able to use your work and as well you sill be able to use theirs, this interaction requires a commitment between the people that are sharing their work.

As I have said, you will be sharing your work and using someone else’s work too, and for that we must be really respectful with each other’s work andcontribution’s, and at the same time we must teach our students that everything they read on the internet has an owner, this means that if they are going to use that information they must give credit to its owner.

As a teacher we have to encourage our students to give recognition to someone else’s work, so every time they use someone else’s information, they should mention the source where they found it.

Here is the link to my licence where you can read more about it: 

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